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At Master Papers we’ve been responding “write my dissertation” inquiries for a while already. We’ve helped people not just submit their dissertations on time, but also get that PhD they’ve been working so hard for. That’s why we proudly claim that we know how to write a dissertation, that will be compliant with the highest standards and the toughest requirements of academic writing.

A dissertation has to be based on original hypothesis you are to study and prove. To come up with an interesting and profound conjecture, we’ll analyze theoretical background, that has been formed by other researchers in your field of studies. In addition to that we’ll compile an annotated bibliography, where you’ll see all the main aspects of analysis of the existing material.

Once this is done, we’ll move to proving you hypothesis. We’ll describe our methodology and, if needed, will illustrate it with empirical data. Afterwards we’ll go to conclusion, where we’ll solidify the significance and comprehensiveness of your study.

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